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What Is Love?


Release Date:2020-05-01

‘What is Love’ came about through envisioning the ups and downs of a relationship, thus, the members wanted to write about communication controversies among couples. As such, the song warps back and forth on common controversies and questions that we often ask or get asked, in a relationship. “This single to me is 4 minutes of adventure, consisting of many elements that fuels different emotions of how love could be. Ultimately, this boils down to having this feeling of being stuck in a dilemma, alternating between two paths that could lead to very different outcomes, and I believe that most, if not all of us, have at least been in this situation once in our lives before.” - Aaron Liew Pertaining to the lyrics of the song, this song is relatable to anyone who is afraid of falling in love, or have yet to fall in love; which youths and young adults would probably have gone through either of the phases before.



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