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Release Date:2022-03-04

As a bilingual singer-songwriter, Kinami has curated musical influences from Okinawan, Japanese and American culture, birthing colors of catchy hooks, seasoned melodies and story-telling lyrics. As a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, she aims to reconstruct Japanese entertainment stereotypes for a global audience. Her debut single, Blue Sapphire has accumulated over 19,000 TikTok video creations and earned a Japan-wide song placement in over 17,000 convenience stores. Rapidly stirring attention on TikTok and the Japanese independent artist scene, Kinami’s road to further solidify a world-wide fanbase is highly anticipated. Her newest single, “Who,” draws inspiration from family stories. Kinami lays out brutal feelings of rage, betrayal and heartbreak of finding out about “the other woman” in a committed relationship. While tapping into the exhaustion, embarrassment of waiting and wanting to be wanted, she takes a twist. Fueling her rage by demanding answers from the guilty deceiver. Who do you love? Shedding light to the beauty of assertiveness; all in hopes to unravel even a fickle of faith for people in similar situations to stand up for themselves and demand what they deserve.



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