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Will You Stay


Release Date:2020-10-22



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Rachel Thng

Baring her inner world to her listeners, Pew courageously pens down all our intimate thoughts when abandoned or shunned. Both lyrics and melody takes all who hear this song through the longing and plea of asking someone to stay by your side. In fact, I feel that with the rise and fall of the melody in the chorus, it exudes the inner longing that we all feel when someone leaves us but yet are too afraid to verbalise it fearing that we would come across as clingy. What I really like and appreciate about this song is how clean and clear her voice is. To me that is just how intimate and personal this song is meant to be. Woohoo great job!

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Kim Fen

Pew, a song writer who has a unique way of seeing the world. I love how she express her feelings and thoughts through the songs she writes. For this song in particular, it is about missing someone who left us and waking up in the midde of night thinking about that someone. This is part and parcel of life, no one will be there for anyone forever. Everyone needs to learn to let go and find inner peace with themselves. I also love the way she express the need for us to find peace instead of happiness. Happiness comes and goes but peace is here to stay and heal. Go check out the MV of this song too! The ending feel is awesome! It really makes me feel the sadness of departure. It says missing you and i can't control my tears and thoughts, reminding me about your departure. Just like fishes cannot survive outside the water, how i wish i could hear your voice again. Even if it is only a second.

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Tori Wu

Pew's english track debut, congratulations! This is *the* catchy lo-fi tune that'll be stuck in your head upon listening for the first time. The lyrics are too relatable for those of us whom are having sleepless nights thinking about love, and this song acts like a big warm hug to soothe those emotions. Annnnd a tune to be played for the one who you want to stay too... With that said, I hope Pew finds the one who'll stay with her through every night! ;)

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