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女生樣 (You Do You)


Release Date:2020-11-16

“You should act more like a girl!” Does this sound familiar, girls? Would you... Wear pants or dresses? Sneakers or heels? Cut your hair short or keep it long? Be happily single or get married ASAP? Even as times change, As long as we live under the expectations of society, We’re still subject to gender stereotypes. But how exactly should the image of a female be like? Let’s look into this with JamiJam’s quirky track! ----------------------- “女生就應該要有女生樣!” 多少女生曾經被說過這句話? 穿褲子還是穿裙子? 穿球鞋還是穿高跟鞋? 剪短髮還是留長髮? 保持單身還是趕緊結婚? 縱使時代變遷, 生活在社會的標準期待下, 我們往往不經意落入根深蒂固的性別刻板印象中。 但是, 到底什麼才是 “女生樣”? 隨著輕快的旋律, 詼諧的歌詞, 和JamiJam一起探討這個問題吧!



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