Fariz Jabba releases dancey Malay single 'Masa', shares music video

Fariz Jabba releases dancey Malay single 'Masa', shares music video

Fariz Jabba has lifted the veil on his second single ‘Masa’.

Produced by Flightsch, the Malay ditty is a sumptuous R&B jam that also doubles up as perfect dance-off fodder. The hooks are crystalline, as is Jabba’s voice, which rides over the slinky, elastic beats with a pristine charm and grace.

“Dancing and singing was always something that I was obsessed with ever since I was a kid. I used to watch live performances of Chris Brown and Michael Jackson all day every day just to copy their moves and pretend I was up on stage dancing to my own song. Finally, I have a chance to be in the same light as my idols. ‘Masa’ holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first R&B song and love song I’ve written in my own mother tongue. I sincerely hope it will speak to other people the way the song spoke to me”, Jabba says of the song in an official release.

Today, Jabba also shares ‘Masa’’s accompanying music video, which is shot and edited by The Island Boys Collective. Featuring choreography by veteran dancer Alif Aircho, the clip is gorgeously colouristic, emphasising the song’s sincere, open-hearted message by taking it to a supremely feel-good visual dimension.

Watch the music video for ‘Masa’ below.