Sing a song for Singapore with guitar chords from our NDP favourites - 'Home', 'Where I Belong', 'Our Singapore', and more

Sing a song for Singapore with guitar chords from our NDP favourites - 'Home', 'Where I Belong', 'Our Singapore', and more

"So come and sing, sing a song for Singapore"

August is near - that means our nation's birthday is around the corner. Skip the 'Happy Birthday to You', because National Day is the best time to dish out some of our old favourites and sing along with your family and friends over your next gathering. Enough said, try out these chords on your guitar and jam along with us!

Reach Out For The Skies (NDP 2005)

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Capo 4 (E major):

[Verse 1]
C               F          G
At a time when hope was low
          C/E The journey seems unsure Am
But through it all
F               G 
We've kept the flame alive
Now standing proud and tall
Our spirit strong and free
Building on hopes and dreams
F   G It's here we want to be [Chorus] C F Let's reach out for the skies G Em
With wings we soar up high
Am           C/E
Our dreams we'll all achieve
F     G   
We'll make our destiny
C F Let's reach out for the skies G Am
With wings we soar up high
   Am            C/E Our dreams we'll all achieve F G           C
Let's soar and reach for the skies

Where I Belong (NDP 2001)

Capo 3 (Eb major):

[Verse 1]
C                C/E
Morning comes around and I
       F             G 
Can't wait to see my sunny island
C Am F G
In its glorious greenery, whether rain or shine, it's still beautiful
C                           C/E Bright lights shine on the streets at night F G Guiding me closer to home Am             D G
To a place where I'll be safe and warm, where I belong
[Verse 2] C C/E Friends and families by my side F              G 
Seeing me through as I grow and learn
C Am            Dm G
Everyday's experience, bitter sweet or sour, t
hey're still wonderful C C/E As they become precious memories F  G
They'll be kept close to my heart
Am                     Dm                   G
And no matter where I am I will always know, where I belong
[Chorus] C                   C/E Where I belong, where I keep my heart and soul E                 Am
Where dreams come true for us
Dm           C/E F                    G
Where we walk together hand in hand towards a future so bright
C                   C/E Where I belong, where I keep my heart and soul E         Am
Where we're one big family
Dm           C/E             Fm           Bb
I want the whole world to know, I want to shout it out loud
G                      C
That this is where I know I belong

Home (NDP 1998)

Capo 2 (A major):

[Verse 1]
Whenever I am feeling low
I look around me and I know
C                   G/B There's a place that will stay within me Am               D
Wherever I may choose to go
I will always recall the city
Am G/B Know every street and shore C G/B Em Sail down the river which brings us life Am         D
Winding through my Singapore
[Chorus] G     D This is Home, truly C             G/B Where I know I must be C G/B Where my dreams wait for me Em D
Where that river always flows
G     D 
This is home, surely
C B As my senses tell me Em D           C G/B Am This is where I won't be alone D                G
For this is where I know it's home

We Will Get There (NDP 2002)

Capo 4 (E major):

[Verse 1]
C                             Em
Remember the days, we set out together with faith?
Remember the times, so fine, when we thought that
F                          G
Nothing could stand in our way?
Then things weren't the same
The life that we knew had to change
      F                      C
We've struggled through, the darkest storms
   Dm                  G
We thought we couldn't tame
F                                 G       Am
Together we've tried, as we stood side by side
I knew we'd build a new world
G A world of hope for ever after [Chorus] C G Deep in my heart I just know Am E Right from the start, we will grow F C Look where we are, we've come so far G7               G And there's still a long, long way to go C G With all of my heart, I will care Am E I'll play my part, I will share F C With family and friends, together we'll stand G7           G And in the end, hand in hand C We will get there


Our Singapore (NDP 2015 & 2019)

Capo 6 (F major):

[Verse 1]
         F                              C
It isn’t easy building something out of nothing
F                            G 
Especially when the road ahead’s a rocky one
F                         Am But if we gather all our courage and conviction
And hold our dream up high
  G C  
The challenge will be won
[chorus] F                     C 
So now we look around us and we see
F                          G 
A nation built with love by you and me
F                          Am
A land to treasure right down to the core
F         G           C 
Our home, our heart, our Singapore
Am                C
F         G          C
Our home, our heart, our Singapore

My Island Home (NDP 2008)

No Capo (C major):

[Verse 1]
            F    G
This is my home
                  C  C/E
She's everything to me
          F   C/E  Dm
Grace and beauty
In all that you see
           F   G
My island home
         F/C   C/E
Wherever I may be
  C             F  C/E Dm
I never will forget her
     G              C
Nor will she forget me
And I will sing
A song of home
A land of peace
Dm G Where dreams are born every day F C/E My home F Wherever I may be     Am G    
I believe
Dm G C You will always be a part of me

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