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Release Date:2021-05-06
Label:Cross Ratio Entertainment



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Shannon Ling

还不是梦想最甜 — “isn’t it still the sweetest to dream of the hope we’re holding onto?”: the changes or hardships wrought by the world’s strands (power, privilege, and their lack thereof) conflate with our idealistic worldview; the elaborate conception that things are pretty much far from perfect right now. oxymoronically, our heads intrinsically defy and downplay our emotions; rendering our worries unimportant. but the song recalls that “they matter” — we all matter: our worries, our thoughts, us. the tune emanates comfort, providing warmth to even those who are supposedly comfortably under layers of coverings (that envelope and conceal, unearthed by the genuine song). 依然是梦想最甜 — “it is still the sweetest to dream of the hope we’re holding onto”: the song barely under 5 minutes encapsulates the nature of yearning and hoping — offering headroom for the listener to mull over and accept their own boundless emotions. it serves as a reminder to breathe, to hope for what we interpret as a better time. coupled with LINGBRANDON’s affecting vocals (surrounded by stirring strings), 《在意》transcends language or reason as a song suitable for all: the young and the old, the happy and the woeful; to peruse its charged meaning(s) or simply listen casually on the radio.

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cleo yong

In these trying times of a pandemic, this song certainly holds an encouraging and firm tone. It was refreshing to listen to a well-composed piece about the world and its situation; put together for the optimists, overthinkers and dreamers in it. The vocals, lyrics and style have subtle nuances of the legendary JJ Lin's earlier creations but carry its own growing individuality. In the duration of almost 5 minutes, we're brought through a plethora of emotions and state of minds — sadness, aching, longing, curiosity, contemplation, nostalgia and hope. LINGBRANDON's voice as an artiste and person speaks volumes in his lyrics, which has a blend of depth and simplicity. I couldn't stop listening to it, couldn't stop deconstructing and interpreting! It draws you in, and the next thing you know, you're playing it on loop. His grounded opinions and genuineness, translated into a beautiful song, makes you think about what it means to be a human now. Having fostered an early love and affinity for the arts and music, LINGBRANDON hasn't stopped playing and creating pop tunes. From jamming with friends, doing English and Chinese covers to going live on Instagram during his training sessions and creating originals, the emerging local musician has indeed come a long way. With his strong reliability to the world and adept musicality, we can expect many other quality pieces to come!

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Cally Lau

Singaporean singer-songwriter LingBrandon’s debut single 在意 is an incredibly heartfelt track that is undeniably human. The track explores themes of acceptance, empathy and humanity; a refreshing passion project that is a timely release in the context of the unfortunate events that have unfolded in modern-day humanity. The melody beautifully blends with the lyrics to evoke feelings of melancholy that is juxtaposed with a sense of hope. Brandon’s emotionally striking and expressive vocals invites listeners to journey with him through the thoughts in his head, effectively creating a warmth-toned atmosphere of contemplation and reflection. He displays an understanding of using vulnerability to create music that strikes a chord with his listeners. The track reminds me of the feeling I get when I have a bad day or experience but decide to pick myself up and carry on. The high quality music production coupled with skilful song writing perfectly captures that sense of courage, endurance and faith. This effortless listen is not only relatable, but also effective in bringing listeners comfort and companionship as they gain a deeper connection and understanding to the message behind the song. This debut track is an evident indication of impeccable artistry and I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.