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Release Date:2021-08-19



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Cally Lau

LINGBRANDON's second single 謊言 is a slick and sumptuous second single. The atmospheric mandarin R&B track accompanied with hip hop elements is an uncharacteristic breather that shows a different side to the singer-songwriter. He ruminates on the aftermath of his distasteful encounters with living up to the lies of other individuals, exploring an edgier side of human to human interactions. 謊言 suggests the singer-songwriter’s final savouring of distaste for ingenuity and the subsequent liberation of realising that you can choose to rise above such situations. The vivid details within the lyrics traces this narrative, flashing out the range of emotions felt with careful detail. This track is a convenient entry point to songs that are not the usual sappy mando-pop tracks that we are all familiar with. In place of songs about romance and heartbreak, this track folds real world frustrations into a catchy landscape of nuanced vocals, creating a static buzz. One of the most striking things about this track is how LINGBRANDON manages to express such uneasy ideas with such catchy economy. The structural layers to this track is built around a plainspoken refrain, and the singer displays having an intuitive understanding of sustaining tensions. Calling to mind the extended vocal technique of the singer in equal measure with his distinctive emotional expression, the singer rings listeners into the unease and frustrations of his personal journey on this track. This track is anything but one-dimensional. Stylistically, you can hear shades of many styles but it isn’t conclusive or limited to a single genre, making it a refreshing track that may surprise listeners. 謊言 speaks to the intensity of strong emotion, which requires neither florid language or flamboyant displays of virtuosity to be universally understood. The singer weaves his very personal experience into the fabric of the track and it certainly feels like a lot of heart has gone into it. LINGBRANDON employs a melodic finesse – amplifying, enhancing and undercutting the ambiance of familiar current day music. This second single is a reminder of how the singer’s strong musicality has been and I look forward to seeing LINGBRANDON do what he does best whilst mapping out a new musical future.