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Ruth Kueo

Release Date:2020-05-26



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Foo hsien weng
Foo Hsien Weng

The combination of acoustic guitar and vocals at the start brought me back to one of my favorite songs from childhood- Nothing I've ever known by Bryan Adams from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. I noticed that while both songs similarly start with an acoustic guitar solo, once pass the guitar solo, this song has a lot to offer. What stood out for me? 1) This song has a very catchy and memorable chorus. 2) Drums arrangements from 2.00 before the second chorus were done in a very unique manner compared to mainstream mandopop music. At some point, it sounded a little like a military band- which is really nice. Moreover, the addition of minor scratches gave it a very lo-fi feeling to it. The said combination of unique drumming techniques with lo-fi sound gave this song a unique standpoint among the rest. In addition, I like how the said combination is used very scarcely to not break the overall momentum of the track. 3) The song ends with 2 lines of the verse without resolution. When I first heard this track, it gives off a feeling of ephemeral beauty which is melancholic, haunting yet charming. This reminds me of songs by Faye Wong (悶)/ Kodaline (One day 2014 version) where is it dreamy, thoughtful and subtle akin to reading a book by Murakami. In conclusion, not many songs have the ability to be both haunting and enchanting all at once. And this song is one of the remarkable few.