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感情用事 Emotionalism

谭志華 Derrick Tham

Release Date:2019-01-23
Label:dm Music

Derrick has been music lover since childhood, songwriting came as a natural step for Derrick to express his creativity & stories. Derrick began composing in 1999 & was later signed as a songwriter with a renowned music-publishing house in Singapore. Derrick had his first song published in 2002, entitled 我不能飛 I can’t fly by Taiwanese artist Jozie Lu 路嘉欣 and that marked a milestone in more then 10 years of songwriting and publishing songs with local as well as regional artistes. Today, Derrick is best known for his collaboration with singer like Sam Lee 李聖傑, Fish Leong 梁靜茹 & Hu Xia 胡夏having written Numerous songs for them, including 最近Recently, 擦肩而過 Passer-By, 會過去的 Will be the Past, 學著走 Learn to Walk and many more.



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