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BPM - Broken Pieces and Mending

Release Date:2020-09-09



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Ashley Leow

Like their band name suggests, BPM - Broken Pieces and Mending’s debut single and first track off their forthcoming EP is a bittersweet account of self-love and recovery. Unlike most Mandopop tunes that focus their lyrical content primarily on romantic relationship, BPM’s 離開地獄表面, or it’s English title Reboot, chooses to talk about one’s relationship with himself/herself. The track plays itself out like a journey of recovery, with the singing and rap verses talking about the struggles of self-loathe and disappointments one has on himself/herself, leading to the chorus which plunged into a desperate plea for help to escape from the vicious cycle of emotional hell (hence the title), to the outro where lead singer Benita’s emotional vocals pleads for everyone to love themselves more, and to see themselves in a better light. With this track, band members and co-writers YC and Benita have crafted an emotional roller-coaster of a masterpiece, touching on a fairly heavy subject with uplifting beats topped with catchy hook lines and awesome vocals from both Benita and YC. In this age of uncertainty, BPM’s track comes as a warming comfort for the broken soul, reminding us that no one is alone on the road to self-recovery and the importance of our mental well-being. I strongly recommend this track.