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All I Wanna Do

Joshua Simon

Release Date:2020-04-24



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Written with relatable lyrics, All I Wanna sing(echo) and dance along. "Runaway runaway~"

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Loh Lin

Joshua Simon's latest offering, 'All I Wanna Do', is the best kind of groove with its buoyant vortex of sounds, immediately marking it a go-to song for when you want to dance all your worldly concerns away. It's an optimistic sound, but its strength lies also in the small life lessons packed in the lyrics. "You should be living for you / What are you trying to prove? / The more that you give / The more that you're not enough" make for incredibly poignant and relatable lines that defines the zeitgeist of a generation embroiled in a perpetual struggle against our own insecurities. Rather than mask this tension with the song's upbeat production, Simon offers an alternative: we don't have to live like this; we can breathe, we can dance.