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Move On

Brielle Kaga

Release Date:2021-02-26



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Sarah Tso

Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Brielle Kaga’s vulnerability shines through in her new song “Move On”. Enveloped in a heavy melodic theme resonant of Kygo and Ryan Farish overlaid with vocals similar to the soul-filled Anne Marie – what you get is a powerhouse track of strength in production that attempts to capture the untamed matters of the heart. Brielle’s unquestionable depth is evident in her descriptive lyrics. She holds no bars in outlining her specific moments of pain that crescendo most evidently in her chorus line “I’ll never be contented without you”. Brielle contrasts this beautifully when she takes to quiet consolation in her bridge line “There’s no use, not at all / to think of you now / over time I think I’ll be fine”. Her outpour resolves yet is unresolved in her final line “I’ll try to move on”, leaving listeners wondering if she has truly done so. 26 February saw the launch of Brielle’s first EP, “Things I Wished I'd Said”, a nostalgic coming-of-age record of friendship, heartbreak, regret and healing from her teenage into young adult years. With every track boasting strong melodies, superstar production beats and deep relatable lyrics enthralling listeners in every line – it’s no wonder that Brielle has caught the attention of Spotify Asia and is beginning to make waves in Southeast Asia and beyond. Three words to sum up this new soul-filled star - Reminiscent. Relatable. Real.

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“Move On” by Brielle was definitely a great song! Her voice was soothing, coupled with the rhythm which makes the song beautiful. Lyrics brought out the heartfelt emotions deep within which makes one ponder and reflect on past life experiences. Had it on constant replay while on the move. Looking forward to more of such songs from you, Brielle! Good job!