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Chapter 1: Vivid.


Release Date:2021-02-19

Hi Hear65SG, hope you are doing well! My name is Nate, but my artist name is Name. and I am a local composer and producer of classical / instrumental songs. I hope you will appreciate the song I am sharing today. Since COVID hit our homes, I finally took the courage to start making music and getting all these ideas on paper and in waveforms... After a few releases last year, I am now challenging myself to release a piece of music every two weeks, with its related homemade music video. What I'm sharing today is the Chapter 1 of this adventure, 1 out of 24. Hence, as you will understand, you will hear from me again soon (sigh.). But apart from this, I'd love to hear back from the local community and maybe in the future, collaborate on cinematic / instrumental orchestral pieces of sound. Thanks and stay safe!



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I am a very huge fan of this artist! Ever since I discovered his music, I have been following his masterpieces across social media such as Youtube, Instagram and of course from Spotify. I don't know but when I listen to to his music, I easily get emotional and I think this is one of the best and unique style I have ever listen to. Just want to share with everyone that this music. really helps me when I want to have a good and relaxing day :) Please continue to create good music like this one. You have no idea how excited I feel every time you announce that you're going to release a new album. I am not an expert when it comes to music but this song reminds me of some classical music from Disney <3 Thank you that I found this song in! Love you guys! <3