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Release Date:2020-10-31

For if you're scared.



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The Random Writer SG

Their newest single, 'Ghost', rises out from a very raw response to the things one faces and struggles with in life that seem inescapable. Corgi deals honestly and courageously with the ghosts we unavoidably create for ourselves, the unseen that haunt us. To then eventually turn around and say “demon kindly wait now” establishes a sense of empowerment, where one can grow to be strong again in the face of fear. Powerful vocals, clear harmonies, rich embodying colours of sound that meld together into one strong, hypnotic beat — the music will draw you in from the very start, and you will not be able to stop yourself from hitting “repeat” and listening to it for hours on end. There will always be something new to discover with each listen: either that beat you didn’t hear the previous time, or a sudden, new understanding of the lyrics. 'Ghost' can be likened to poetry being set to a melody, just that it is and has always been written to be sung. So sing your heart out, don’t hold back, dance fearlessly in the face of your ghosts!