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Dancing on a Sinking Ship


Release Date:2023-06-16
Label:Springroll Records

‘Dancing on a Sinking Ship ends an unintended creative hibernation; an extended period I spent away from writing music. Ironically, I wrote this song about being unable to create music that I was happy with.’ Feeling incapable of creating music that truly aligned with his artistic vision, shy-c discovered comfort and sought inspiration within the boundaries of his own room. It was during one of these introspective moments that the enchanting chimes of the opening synth bells broke through his creative block. Drawing from his unique blend of indie and electronic influences, shy-c invites listeners to join him on an emotional exploration of vulnerability and resilience. With ‘Dancing on a Sinking Ship’, shy-c reminds us all that in seasons of dry spells, there is value in giving in and embracing the ever-repeating cycle of losing yourself, and in that way, you embark on a journey of rediscovering who you are. His return kickstarts an exciting new chapter in his musical path. As the chorus of ‘Dancing on a Sinking Ship’ unfolds, listeners will be transported by the poignant melodies of violins and strings, a nostalgic nod to elements of shy-c’s past works. Piece by piece, the remaining components of the song effortlessly fell into place, culminating in a powerful composition that showcases shy-c's renewed spirit and creative prowess.



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