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Bakers in Space

Release Date:2020-05-01



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Ryan Martin

Since 2017's EP "Implosions", Bakers in Space has been steadily releasing singles. Their latest, "Deceiver", features all the qualities that listeners have come to recognise and love: lush guitar, math-y syncopations, and frontman Eugene Soh's smooth Alex Turner-isms. Musically, the song is well arranged; every instrument has multiple "wow" moments. Crispy high-hats in the chorus, sexy bass fills peppered throughout the song, the fuzzy guitar bridge freakout, sneaky synths, and even a serving of octave-up arpeggios from Heaven toward the end, Bakers cram as much as they can into "Deceivers" without coming across as a troupe of crass maximalists. If this track is any indication of where the boys are going, it would be a pretty huge cosmic slip-up should Bakers in Space fail to become one of the kingpins of local indie rock. Well, anymore than they already are, that is.