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Desire Lines

Altoduo, Madhu Nisa

Release Date:2023-08-18
Label:Dark Escapes Music & Publishing

Altoduo, the innovative mathrock-chillhop fusion duo from Singapore, is set to captivate the music scene with their latest single, "Desire Lines." Known for their unique genre-blending style, the duo's newest release is not only a testament to their musical prowess but also a critical piece in a larger, all-encompassing creative project. "Desire Lines" navigates through a spectrum of relatable emotions - stress, anger, nostalgia, and a longing for childhood simplicity. This multidimensional journey is encapsulated in the hypnotic synthesis of nature's tranquillity, crashing waves, and chirping birds, intertwined with the mesmerising echo of synths and compelling beats. Additionally, Madhu Nisa adds her vocal talent into the mix, adding to the extensive number of collaborations that Altoduo already has. This track is part of a grander endeavour that brings together dancers, illustrators, and filmmakers, transcending the boundaries of their respective artistic domains to create a comprehensive and immersive experience. The project takes a dive into the unexplored depths of human experiences and emotions, and "Desire Lines" plays a pivotal role in this exploration. Altoduo's innovative approach extends beyond traditional music platforms. "Desire Lines" will be widely promoted across digital platforms to reach a broad spectrum of music enthusiasts. Moreover, the track will reverberate across Singapore through live performances, adding a tangible dimension to the digital experience. The unique soundscapes of "Desire Lines" have not only earned it a coveted spot on various curated playlists but also created a multitude of opportunities for synchronisation in film and television, thereby expanding its reach beyond conventional music circles. "Desire Lines" and the larger project it resides within showcase Altoduo's relentless pursuit of innovation and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of music, art, and shared human experiences. In a landscape brimming with diverse talents, Altoduo and their latest single, "Desire Lines", carve a niche that is refreshingly unique and thought-provoking.



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