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RVND, Heyokah, Knwn

Release Date:2021-01-29
Label:Arvind Jay



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Aniruddh Kay Kana

As a veteran musician and rapper who has put out amazing music and videos alongside big names in the social media sphere of Singapore, RVND (Arvind) comes back with a metaphorical dice roll of a track! Music serves a multitude of purposes in my ears but what I truly admire in any track, is whether I can put it on at any point of the day and just jam to it! A well paced beat and a catchy chorus give this track the quality which makes any track a potential viral piece. The bars on the track aren't the most "deep" or "philosophical" and its rhyming scheme for the most part has a simple "A-B-A-B" structure but that's what gives the track its simplistic charm. Another such track by RVND is 'SAUS' where he performs with Subhas Nair. Enjoyable to listen to from start to finish but if your music taste is more into rap which has a certain "COLE-esqe" vibe to it, then this may not be something you gel with. Verdict - 7/10.