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Sambal Snake

Release Date:2021-04-22



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Culture Cockster

I swear to God, Singapore‘s new wave of rappers have names like those in WWE raw versus SmackDown This dude entering the game with his braggadocious track ELEPHANT. Bold bars, good unique voice from the rest of the crowd but I feel like he still needs to work on his delivery, diction, and conviction There’s a lot of “everytime I get the mic” type bars kind of tired of this. I think some rappers in Singapore need to update their iOS ah. We get it your rooster damn big but be a bit more creative about it pl0x Beat production is pretty decent. Solid sampling and sound selection. Vocal mixing hmmmm, not quite there it sounds a bit thin and it is lost in the mix?? Music video is funny as hell. It’s so ridiculous but somehow it works?? The quick cuts keep you entertained and the comedic timing of the edits are great. Lowkey wish it had lyrics to complete the DIY vibes. For a debut, tbh it’s good track. I’m glad there are more upcoming rappers that are joking around with their shit. Excited to see what he comes up with next.