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Tell Me


Release Date:2021-05-07
Label:Evxns Records DK



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Andrea Quah

Evans’ combination of smooth vocals and crisp production paint a vivid picture of hoping to find your future lover. With clear inspirations from 2000s R&B with modern sampling, ‘Tell Me’ is a passionate and emotional earworm that’s perfect for rainy days. The emotions of the song build up from the verses and the saxophones in the background into the big chorus (0:57), where the song ties in with heavy sampling and echo-ing background vocals. The vocals seemingly draw out the tension and power behind wanting to find real love. In comparison to modern day romance, this song aims to take a step back and allow the listener to believe in an ‘olden-day movie-esque love story’.

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Varun Sanyal

‘Tell Me’ is a big step up from Evans’ previous works. The production and vocals in the song create a soundscape that is both lush and raw at the same time. In comparison to one of his previous songs and one of my favourites ‘Run’, which was full of raw emotions, Evans has improved his lyrical story telling ability and matured in his sound. ‘Tell Me’ is a song I would listen to on repeat and I'm excited for what's next!