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Feel At Ease

Rangga Jones, ZIONN

Release Date:2020-09-18



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Calum Kevin Seah

Times might be incredibly precarious right now but Rangga Jones’ newest bop “Feel At Ease” truly balances a realistic portrayal of life’s ups and downs with a delicate amount of positivity and poise. The song begins with a catchy vocal hook that emits such relaxing lo-fi vibes you can’t help but sing or bop your head along right from the start. Coupled with Jones’ attractive vocal timbre and signature syncopated 808s, the song is topped off with a humorous and quirky rap by ZIONN, who yet again unleashes a myriad of rhymes with impeccable delivery. This is the second collaboration by the duo and is a true force of nature that enables listeners to tune out, a three-minute respite that makes us feel less alone and just a bit more hopeful about life. Whatever this is, we need more!