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fly away

Darryl Sim

Release Date:2023-07-28

Fly away is special to me because it holds a strong desire to remove myself from the comforts of home to search for some clarity to what I want in my life. I wrote it prior to my 4 months trip to the States, and at that point in time, I felt stagnant. I felt like I had to be in a different place to really find myself. Fly away envisions how I saw myself developing as a person away from home, collecting moments along the way to create my identity — a puzzle that remains unfinished but is becoming fuller. As I worked on the song back home, the lyrics took on a different meaning. The words ‘fly away’ to me meant less in its literal sense but more of an approach to living — that sometimes you have to take off to find your ground. I hope this song encourages listeners wherever they are in their puzzle-piecing adventure of life to embrace uncertainty and change, and maybe they'll be able to discover something about themselves.



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