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Golden Ratio

Daniel Sid, evanturetime

Release Date:2021-02-05
Label:Where Are The Fruits



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Mandeep Randhawa

I’ve been following Daniel Sid from the early days prior to the big hair and beard. By busking around the world and relentlessness to always learn, I’ve seen Daniel’s John Mayer-esque style of play evolve over time. This is even more prominent in his latest release “Golden Ratio”, stepping out of his comfort zone to pursue new beats and vocal style, the whole song in my opinion was executed to perfection. I am truly excited to see what more tricks and surprises Daniel Sid has in store for us.

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Delia Micaela

This piece by Daniel Sid is an excellent composition with such freshness of sound. Daniel's soulful voice, in combination with the expressive melody and hilarious meaning behind this song, make for an absolutely stunning and colourful work. I have such high hopes for this talented artist and know that he will make it far in the industry. <3