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Homeless Scholars 流浪學者

Release Date:2020-04-03

This song features an experimental arrangement with elements from electro pop, R&B, hip hop and funk that is topped with a mandopop inspired melody. The song talks about the aftermath of dealing with a loved one who has passed away where it is no longer a big outcry of emotions but a more of subtle inners thoughts that is filled with a lot of mixed feelings. More often than not, there are 5 stages of grief and loss. From being in denial to acceptance. This song offers an interesting first person perspective about the phase right before acceptance. We will never get over someone completely. We will only just get used to them not being there eventually as time goes by.



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Foo hsien weng
Foo Hsien Weng

A brilliant, emotional and genuine song with an even more brilliant and memorable rap outro. Such mumble rap outro is rarely done in Chinese music. Usually it is only seen in English songs like Fix you by Coldplay or November rain by Guns & Roses. In addition, the electronic beats added was a nice touch which distinguished itself from mainstream Chinese pop music. On repeat.