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If at All

Jeremy Chua

Release Date:2020-10-02

Indie-folk songwriter, Jeremy Chua, has just released the first single from his upcoming EP on the 2nd of October. “If at All” is part of a 4 track EP titled “Through the Pines”. The song uses poetry and a wilful bed of textured instrumentation to discuss themes of leaving home, spirituality, and wandering. In its 5 and a half minutes, Jeremy combines folk instrumentation with minimalist songwriting to create a granular sonic landscape that captivates the listener but leaves space for interpretation.  Jeremy Chua (25) is a Melbourne-based Singaporean songwriter, who’s love for Indie-folk pervades everything he creates. With a professional background as a mix engineer and producer, Jeremy is particularly drawn toward the emotional depth of the folk sound and writing. While Jeremy has spent the larger part of his adult life working on the music of other people, he now ventures into creating his own songs with honest writing and a penchant for granular sounds.  "Experimenting with tape and textures to create intimate moments in his songs, Jeremy looks to capture a feeling familiar and warm.”  Please contact for interviews, high res photos, or more information. Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Facebook: Instagram: With all my love,  Jeremy 



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