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Release Date:2020-04-24

A song about throwing secret parties at your parents’ house, sneaking people over to take advantage of their spa, while desperately trying to play it cool with the girl of your dreams. Expertly mixed with added production from Haxx Mastered by Huntley Miller



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Ryan Martin

Continuing down the path he began on with his first single released a year ago, "Just Call", Latchy's "Jacuzzi" is driven by a steady beat, synth-heavy instrumentation and the Singapore/Sydney-based multi instrumentalist's own strong set of pipes. Mood is where the two tracks diverge, as the slightly slower tempo and pulsing keyboards of "Jacuzzi" work perfectly to illustrate the smokey, dimly-lit atmosphere of a house party thrown while the host's unwitting parents are out of town. When the lyrical content of a song describes luring a babe into one's jacuzzi, it's impossible not to sense some douchiness. However, Latchy's lyrics feature a down-to-Earth, conversational style, as if the man sincerely aches for a closer connection to his dream girl. Through avoiding the prevalent mode of braggadocio and cheesy pick-up lines, Latchy succeeds in creating a sensual, well-crafted pop song. Hope your parents never find out about your not-so-secret parties, buddy *winkwink*.