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Jonan, Jonathan Khoo

Release Date:2020-05-29



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Mark du Plessis

Let me start off by saying I love a good torch song. And this is a good torch song. I've followed my friend Jonan for a while and seen how he has started to move more and more to music theatre stylings. His team-up here with singer Jonathan Khoo is a good example of this. A natural stylistic progression from the happier, lightness of his "Santa in Singapore", "Love" is a more mature Jonan. When Khoo sings "let's call this this anything but love", the lyric and arrangement evoke classic stage moments... lights down...spotlight on...heartbroken leading man trying to come to terms with his emotions. This heartbreak and lament is well supported by a dramatic arrangement complete with drops and solo vocal spots, which are well sung with the right emotional cues. As I said... a good torch song, well written, arranged and sung. Time to explore more of this direction.

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“Love” is a pensive walk alone in the park; dim streetlights; late at night after an evening rain. The song’s instrumentation and dynamics brings the listener on a theatrical journey - a testament to Jonan’s musical sensitivity and knack for being able to digest and produce a wide range of musical genres. Coupled together with the intricate emotional nuances in Jonathan Khoo’s vocals, “Love” is the perfect song for all the bittersweet feels on a rainy day.