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Find Me


Release Date:2020-06-05



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Awesome. Super soothing song, both voices are so comforting and the song filled with emotions! Looking forward for more great songs from this duo.

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Absolutely love their voices and the way they harmonise with one another. The instrumentals in this song is also really nice. Looking forward to hearing more from these two!

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Snow White

Goosebumps listening to this song. Aint get enough. This Duo are extremely awesome. We want more from you guys. Both have unique voices . ❤️

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Alex Chia

A title that beautifully encapsulates the intent behind the duo’s debut single, a desperate call for recognition. It was the earliest song that was written by the duo and it tells a tale that resonates with the rough times that they went through as aspiring musicians. The song starts off with a tinge of uncertainty and self-doubt that creeps in when progress turns to stagnation. It then advances into the next section where courage from their call for help, provided them with a breakthrough mentally. This lead them to acknowledge that their sought after “big break” is due to come, all they need is for people to hear them and stay with them throughout their musical journey. Perhaps, every supporter that the duo has met thus far has played a part in the story of JQ x ZUL. And while some may take a sentence, others a paragraph and some special ones might get a whole chapter written about them but for most of them their discovery of the duo begins with this prologue, “Find Me”, and what an enthralling way to begin the story.

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Yann Lee

This song hit me right in the feels, the lyrics are relatable. Unknowingly put this on replay.