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pretty havoc.

Release Date:2020-05-15
Label:pretty havoc.

pretty havoc. is back with a high energy classic sounding tune that puts you in the end scene of an 80s Rom Com.



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Ryan Martin

pretty havoc. promised high energy and 80s vibes, and they're not messing around. "lasso" is a drive with the top down, chock full of savoury vocal melodies and even a guitar solo (2:08) cut right out from the Journey school of radio rock. Really doesn't get any more 80's than that. On repeat listens, previously unheard layers unfurl, revealing scrupulous attention to detail. This is pop with substance. A promising and engaging release which warrants a dive into the duo's back catalog.

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Lasso is a culmination of all the things that makes pretty havoc such an exciting band. Start to finish it is just a feel good song!