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Last Night


Release Date:2020-06-10
Label:Goose Infiniti

Feeling lonely? You need to drunk dance with a sad smile. And Dreebsby is giving you the perfect song for the mood. The Singaporean singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & producer holds a refreshing formula to fighting desire alone: slick basslines, disco guitars, moody synths, and melancholic vocals over a club beat. Of the lead single from his upcoming EP ‘2AM’ he reveals, “I was drunk and lonely at 2AM, we were on and off, and I kept telling myself 'I don’t need your love... like I did Last Night.'”



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Jakub Brecka

Dreebsby makes the seamless transition from Indie Pop/Rock to Indie Electronic/Disco Pop infused with disco beats and a Nile Roger's inspired guitar riff. The result is an absolute vibe that will keep you listening to "Last Night" on repeat at 2am on a lonely Friday night. Even though the refrain suggests you may not need "[his/her] love like you did last night", the same is unlikely to be true for the track itself. You will need "Last Night" in your playlist like you did last night, today and ten minutes ago.