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Warm Up


Release Date:2020-06-30



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anthea goh

different vibes from the first single, but there is always his own distinct touch to his discography which is something i appreciate :) really an all rounded artiste in my opinion for someone who has just started out on the local scene not long ago. loved the song right from the start, something worth giving a listen to :) hope to see more of his future releases !

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This song is very upbeat and fun to listen to, it is also like a breath of fresh air. It has a charming element to his music and also plays with new sounds.

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this song is so much different from his first single starbeam which shows that he is a very versatile singer and is very willing to try out new things.

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Megan Hong

his music is different and i felt that i was able to relate to the lyrics and the meanings. he is a new artist and based on the songs released by him i feel that he has potential to grow even more.

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Miko Jang

when i first listened to the song, my mind was blown away. it was really vibey and it made me feel energetic. the song was stuck on my mind all day. phenomenal.