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Release Date:2020-08-06



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Jet M

Can't stop listening to this EP. Been on my "now listening" playlist since it was released. Great songwriting, mellow indie production. Music done right.

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Celester Gonh

When we think of origami, we think of it as an easy process of folding paper. The difficult part comes when figuring out which steps we are currently at. This track — simple, minimal and maybe not that accessible. But once you get immersed in the AMSR of paper, you will find yourself lost in the sails of her voice.

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Sarah Teh

Namie and her musical sensibilities cut through once again, in her latest album ;life. She takes on a distinctly experimental approach of exploring And blending various sounds and textures, using her voice and everyday objects. She expresses the impact of life’s mundanity and turbulence on the ever-evolving and unfolding self by creating vivid and fascinating soundscapes that transport listeners to a whole new dimension. Her music is relevant and grounding in a time of unprecedented crisis and change. If you’re looking for something bold, refreshing and intricately soulful music, be sure to give this a listen.

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