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Living With Ghosts

W. Y. Huang

Release Date:2021-09-23



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Sabiq Rafid

(Staff Writer) Living With Ghosts - W. Y. Huang W. Y. Huang takes a detour from the sound that he’s more commonly known for with ‘Living With Ghosts’. Here, he trades the experimental motif and the sampling of Chinese instruments that he thrives on for an acoustic guitar; layered with horns and synths: adding a whole new dimension to what an acoustic tune is usually associated with. The song’s ethos revolves around growing up and relinquishing the shackles of the past. The song concludes with Huang singing the chorus: “I think I’m done, living with ghosts. I followed them round and round now I’m getting old,” as the horns (quietly) erupt. This is the most vulnerable I've ever heard from Huang, and I'm all for it.