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Long Way From Home

Toby Madox

Release Date:2020-09-04
Label:Whitchurch Productions

"Long Way From Home" is an intense and evocative new single by Toby Madox. This song finds Toby following the story of a girl, which seems to be a friend, that's trying to escape her disturbed reality. This marks Toby's new leap into reinventing himself with captivating storytelling and a new energetic sound.



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Great for driving, fresh. old school meets new vibes.

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Bianca Reyes

I am not really good with reviewing songs but imma give it a shot. :) LWFH is so, so good! It's lyrics are just so profound and amazing, it got me sitting for a moment just to contemplate about what it actually means. Toby did a goof job with his words in this song. The beats he made were incredible and energetic as well. It's the kind of song one would wanna play while in a roadtrip during the night. And oh, the build up of the song in the beginning is just 👌🏽, it was what made me hooked up the first time I listened to it!

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Asher Fam

Long Way From Home, Toby Madox's sophomore single, features a deceptively simple sound centred around Toby's power vocals and deep bass design. The upbeat groove got my head bobbing pretty quickly, but it's in the lyrics where this song really excels. Peek in a little closer, and the cheerful beat betrays the haunting story of a girl trapped in an other-created, self-preserved hell. Describing the song in a review would never do Toby's story enough justice. You'll just have to listen to it yourself!

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Micah Therese Lumanog

This song is a masterpiece. I have heard it on Spotify and it really caught my attention. Everything is really good from the vocals, instrumentations and song arrangement. I would like to hear more music from the singer.