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Not Dead Yet

Made with Monsters

Release Date:2020-06-12

Back with a new sound, 'Not Dead Yet' is Made with Monsters' fresh take on their usual catchy and energetic pop-punk roots, with an upbeat indie twist. 'Not Dead Yet' is a double entendre. The song is about the constant reminders that a loving relationship doesn't die easily. It is a song about how love can get someone out of a rough spot, no matter the distance or circumstance. It's also the first song the band has released in over a year and a reminder that there is more music to come.



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Regine Teo

This song sounds so nostalgic that it's got me reminiscing memories I don't even have. Perfect summertime tune. Can't wait to hear what they come up with next!!

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Ng Hui Jun

One of my favorite bands, never disappoints :)