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Edson Charntor

Release Date:2018-02-17

“More” is the second single by Edson Charntor, which talks about the passion in youths in getting what they want when they see something that warrants them ego boost, pleasure or gains in status such as money, education, etc. I wrote this track because when I was younger, I felt like there was an internal competition between my abilities and others; whenever someone could play sports better than me, I want to be better than him/her; whenever someone could play an instrument better than me, I want to play it better than that person; whenever someone earns more money, I would either find out how he/she did it so I could get it too, or find other means to earn even more money… which leads me to having this sort of complex and mindset that I want what everybody else is having, and more. I was such a young and passionate being.



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