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Edson Charntor

Release Date:2017-12-30

This song was one of the first few songs that I created for my debut EP. It talks about the feeling of liberation and it is a very upbeat song. I was still serving in conscripted army back then, so I couldn’t do anything I wanted without facing harsh punishment; I couldn’t go out of camp on weekdays; I couldn’t see my friends/parents as often; I am always in camp doing army related stuff and not doing what I always wanted to do. The fact that I am starting to be devoid of interactions/activities like these has made me appreciate the moments where I had some form of freedom, which allowed me to turn these emotions into the sounds you hear in this track. I also wrote this song because I realized that when I get older, the responsibilities increase, and that’s when I realize how I must fully embrace my younger self before these adult responsibilities come for me and lose my drive for curiosity.



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