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No Idea

Tyas Iglesias

Release Date:2019-01-20
Label:Iglesias 2019

Hey ! The name’s Tyas Iglesias, and i’m an aspiring musician. Cliche, yes i know, but it’s all there is to it. I grew up with an odd taste for music, i grew up listening to everything, and it shaped me for who i am now and aspire to be in my eccentric life. 16 years of life filled with music has only brought me to the thought of becoming one with it, of becoming whoever i want to be and can be because of it. I’m a sucker for everything music, so genre isn’t something i focused on growing up. I tried learning as many instruments as i humanely could, which i peaked in shortly after taking Symphonic Band as my CCA in Primary School, which i then exposed myself to what seemed to me as a never-ending opportunity to learn. And so i did, i still am. Indie Rock, Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop and indie are the genres my interests has succumbed to, but genre is not an option in my music playlist. I hope i can be a part of this, because i want to share my peculiar upbringing through the power of music.



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