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no turning back

Joshua Chew

Release Date:2021-05-20
Label:Joshua Chew

no turning back serves as a sequel to my first song, what if // if only. I wrote this song based on my imagination. Witnessing an unsolved relationship of two person. They were the ones involved in this argument. Then, started to questioned himself on what had actually went wrong and why was he back stabbed like this. He wished he could turn back in time to resolve all the problems in the past but truth to be told, things can't be undone.



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This song, although not perfect, struct a chord with me. It made me relive a time of innocence and awakening, absent of worries and fright. This gave me a sense of nostalgia and tranquillity. After listening to this song, I knew there was no turning back to forget these treasured memories I had with the people I associated with throughout my life. That being said, I feel that the lyrics were not that clear. Additionally, I feel that the ending was a little abrupt.