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Oh, My Love


Release Date:2021-08-06
Label:Merissa Tee



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mersie's fourth single and first Korean release - Oh, My Love starts out detailing her love for another person, until you realise from the chorus that this song is a desperate plea for a lover who already has one foot out the door. If you've been in a relationship like this, this song is painfully relatable. Her powerful vocals paired with the instrumental mix of guitar and cello is a reflection of that bittersweet moment when you reminisce the relationship's beautiful memories then realise it's inevitable end. The strong juxtaposition treats you to a spectrum of emotions as you savour this tune. I have been following mersie's music for a couple of years now, and I've always been very excited for her releases, ranging from covers to light-hearted love songs. She definitely outdid herself on this one.

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How can a voice be so powerful and tender at the same time? As a fan of her previous releases, it came as a pleasant surprise to see mersie taking on music in a different language. Despite not understanding the lyrics this time, the emotions are clearly conveyed through mersie's passionate voice. Music truly is a universal language.