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Other Half

Rangga Jones

Release Date:2020-06-19



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Joshua Chan

On his new track Other Half, Rangga makes use of all his considerable talent as singer, songwriter and producer to weave a soundscape that perfectly communicates his longing for intimacy. Featuring his trademark mellow vocals, simple and straightforward songwriting, and intuitive sound production, this track is a definite must-have to your playlist if you are a fellow lover of the melancholy!

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Amelia Amari

Rangga's consistent slew of tracks that hits the spot in exactly the right way continues to floor his listeners. This track with its lushious melodies and his voice of balanced longing and gratitude for his 'other half' delivers such a gorgeous vibe that makes you envious of the love he has for his partner. Coupled with the rainy weather we have these days, I can't imagine a better song to stay in and just chill out to.