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Postheaven Depression

The Chans

Release Date:2020-12-08
Label:Staff Only Records

Debut single by The Chans.



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Leonard Tng

The debut single 'Posthaven Depression' puts out a relaxing and dreamlike atmosphere that lets the song about lost love hit in all the right places. Perfect for the chill vibes and really looking forward to future releases by The Chans.

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Maleeka Hassan

Love this song! I listen to it all the time. It reminds me of the good old days of Arctic Monkeys, and yet this song is uniquely individual. Excited to hear more music from this band in the future.

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Carey Lai

The melancholic rift of 'Postheaven Depression' makes me feel nostalgic about an experience I never had. Wasn't big into the local music scene but I started paying more attention ever since chancing upon songs like this.

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If you like doo-wops, lounges, and dreamy crooning, you'll love this one. For such a distinctly modern production, 'Postheaven Depression' still manages to be evocative with nostalgia - a testament to the expressiveness of shoegaze. And this is just the debut single. The Chans are definitely a band to put on your watchlist.

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Sultry sounds, perfect for a late-night Sunday drive. The guitar really hits different on this one 🤩