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The Journey

Samantha Gray

Release Date:2017-04-21
Label:Samantha Gray

"The Journey" is about finding my purpose, having faith in myself and knowing that I am not alone when it comes to facing trials and tribulations of life. As the saying goes....."Everything happens for a reason". Each section of the song has a specific sound and vibe, a mixture of melancholy and simplicity, lilting and flowing.



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Tony Espiritu

The song encompasses that feeling of calm when you want to go in your own little journey of life. The light hearted feeling you get when you are looking back where you are in your current journey. You look back with how you ended up where you are currently and how you became you.

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Sarah Montejo Bapial

This song is comforting me in some different levels. It brings back some memories but listening to this makes me feel like "I miss those days and it didn't ended well but yeah at least there are some good memories in it, I survived and it's alright now." This is really beautiful Sam!! <3 love it so so much.

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Gitanjali Iyer

I love how it flows, very nostalgic