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Marco Marcus

Release Date:2020-06-03



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Wei Xiang

Well, I feel it's a really great addition to Marco's already strong repertoire of music. He has 19 currently on spotify ! currently I see 10k plus streams already. This song, #Saved alone already has about 5-6 k plus streams as of now! All songs are written and composed by him and produced by some of the best producers in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. I personally think that Saved is a wonderful masterpiece and one of the very best He has produced and written so far. Vocals is fantastic if I may say. The runs and adlibs really make it outstanding and different from other weak and soft songs in the market. Just listen to Mariah and Whitney, Celine, their songs have a lot of runs and wails also... that makes the songs interesting and not boring to listen to! if not u will fall asleep if u listen to just whispering and no high notes at all. Haha. so I guess to each its own la, some ppl like slow and soft songs, thats their thing. But many westerners and blacks love runs and adlibs, etc. It's just culture differences and taste, u gotta respect that. Well for this song, I believe it is inspired by the blacks and the westerner kind of music therefore it sounds very high class and complex, not everyone can take it in on first listen, just like a whitney houston and Mariah Carey songs. so overall I think, very well done, great job on this one. Continue to make music that u love and u will be popular ! Quality singers like him will last the longest in this industry and quality music will last the test of time. Just see la, who can stand the test of time later. I believe he can.