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It Doesn't Mean

Marco Marcus

Release Date:2020-07-31



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Really an amazing song both vocally and melodically. Marco plays the piano and sings so soulfully on this track and it shows how personal this song is to him. He has such an incredible timbre and texture to his voice, apart from the very wide range that he has been gifted with. I love this song very much. Production wise is really great as well. The producer is able to bring out the best of his voice and the song. It's such a big improvements and departure from his very old hits when you listen to his debut album. But both are good, don't worry haha , it's just that this one has a different feel from a more modern era. Totally love this release so much!! Look forward to more reviews coming from this artist! He is such a gifted and super talented singer songwriter!!

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Incredible vocal performance in this song!! I really love the way he sings this song from top to bottom! The song is so beautiful also with all the chinese instruments like erhu and guzheng all in. It makes the song super unique and interesting!! All these are from Marco's ideas I am sure. As for production, I love the production and mixing of this song. Well mixed and mastered ! I really love the other instruments also that accompany this song. The violins, guitar and drums all come in at the perfect timings , just incredible ! The song lyrics is very emotional and personal . I cried when I listened to it for the first time. It was so touching and really gets to you especially with Marco's incredible singing style that's so soulful and emotional as well! Overall, 100 for this !! wish can give more!!

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Ryan tan

Firstly, I Love the piano at the beginning, then the sounds of erhu comes in and guzheng... and then that awesome voice comes in! wow! just hits me so badly in the right places. He is just a super incredible artist and the embodiment of Mariah Carey , Celine Dion and Whitney Houston Houston all in one male body form. This song reminds me of so many modern classics and yet it is so unique that I cannot put a finger on it. It is just so beautifully inspired from above, I feel. I really like the way he screams and belts in this song and all his other songs as well. Really really beautiful runs and adlibs only this singer cam have. Please stream this song more and share it so many more ppl can listen to it . This song deserves more promotions and the world to hear!!! come on guys!!! lets support Marco Marcus! follow him on spotify, instagram , facebook, etc !

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Wei Xiang

This is so freakin beautiful I can't even .... wow... I really love this song from Marco Marcus! His voice, his lyrics and melodies never fail to blow me away, especially this one! Just blows me away everytime I listen to it . Especially on a good earphone and loud speaker, the effect would be so much better trust me! he is such an incredible singer. This song needs to be heard more by everyone out there who hasn't heard any of Marco's songs yet!! So stream more and share guys!! It's that easy! Please lets help him to greater success! Can't wait for his next release and his second album that's coming as well!! and oh ya, he is so handsome and cute :)

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Sorry to say, but I have to disagree with some of the reviews about this single and I have to be honest about this. First, the verse reminds me of Alan Walker's Tired (I don't know whether it is intentional or not). Second, Production quality, I think that mix wise can be a lot better as some of the instruments are unbalanced and It sounded too midi. Your vocals can be more processed and you can experience with more sound effects. Third, it is okay to do some ad libs, but pls not do too much or otherwise it will become distraction for listeners. Fourth, I also feel that the uses of Chinese instruments in this song are a bit.. sorry to say again.. off.. so ya.. I hope that you can learn from this.

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