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Shaun Jansen

Release Date:2021-09-03
Label:Shaun Jansen



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It’s impressive how Shaun Jansen has reinvented himself from a cover band singer to a singer-songwriter belting original tunes that have a pleasant blend of pop-rock and indie vibes. The best thing I can say about this song is it is slowly infectious, and its chorus invokes feelings of euphoria. I look forward to listening to more material from him in the coming months.

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Chia Kun Loong

I love this release by Shaun Jansen! Although the lyrics and overall mood of the song seems to reflect melancholy themes, there's definitely something very uplifting about Circles as well! The clever blend of guitars, strings, and even the inclusion of organs gave the song a refreshing, gospel feel to it! I also got James Bay, James Arthur, and even James TW vibes from it! Congratulations again Shaun! Looking forward to more releases from you!