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Lights of the Fireplace

Shea Ng

Release Date:2021-05-02

Singaporean Singer-songwriter Shea Ng breaks his 3-year hiatus with his brand new single titled Lights of the Fireplace. A continuation of the story from his critically-acclaimed debut single Ivory Fields, Shea hopes his new piece will find its place within the hearts of his listeners. Lights of the Fireplace, in line with the theme of Shea’s EP, is about coping with loss, and its premise is set within the later few phases in the “stages of grief”, mainly “acceptance”. With his signature metaphorical style of writing and deliberate choice of harmonies, Shea’s Lights of the Fireplace will draw in its listeners with its haunting poetry. He hopes that it will evoke emotions of grief and loss, and yet, an appreciation that such pain is but the perseverance of a love towards something once beautiful. Lights of the Fireplace is the second single of Shea Ng’s 4-part EP.



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