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Sister, The Moon

实践剧场 The Theatre Practice, Joanna Dong

Release Date:2021-05-13



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Alyssa Woon

love the whole vibe of the song !! so mysterious and creepy but at the same time soothing and familiar !! Definitely one of a kind theme song for a whodunnit and I really love how it goes so well with the theme !! The song itself tells a story ! A must listen !😍😍👏👏😘🤩dooorrrrr~~ dooorrr after doorrrr~~ heheh so addictive 😩

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Jean Ferry

The first thing that hits you is the layering and overlaying of the vocals to an off-centred beat. Is this really Joanna Dong? What surprised me the most (beyond the unexpected genre) is the intricacy of how the song flows from one movement to the other seamlessly, pushing the listener into a dream-like state, yet hauntingly caressed by the lulls of the vocal trills that envelope the empty spaces. With lots of room to breathe, the track allows for imagination to happen. This is coupled with Joanna’s lyrics, which provide a rich, visual landscape within the song. I find it hard to be excited by music these days, but this song - especially with the use of fifths (icing on the cake, in my opinion) shows her mastery of the craft of songwriting.