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Release Date:2021-11-12

The extended play, 'Transition' includes 5 songs, with 1 in Mandarin. Each song is a story of the transition of our lives, transitions we may or will experience throughout our lifetime. I wish to remind ourselves that transitions means leaving behind what we know and what is familiar. This is a time to embrace change and accept the unacceptable. Aside from being an extended play where each song tells its own story of a life transition. They are not just songs, but stories that will advocate on the importance of mental health; teach us to embrace change and learn the art of adaptation. Speaking up for youths who are transitioning into adults, comforting them with assurances that it will be okay, and that it is a safe space for all of us to come together as a community to share, and learn life lessons. For the second single coming out from 'Transition; is Somebody. This song is written for the silent vulnerable, to comfort them when they're longing for someone to be there, and listen for a very long time. We all have our life stories, experiences and struggles. And we all need somebody. I wrote this song to remind everyone else that, while we're waiting for somebody to come and save you, please hang on tighter because that somebody will come.



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